Property managers do quite a bit. In short, we act as the agent of the property owner, the point of contact for the tenant, and the liaison between the two. We facilitate the rental process, ensure that tenants pay rent on time, and deliver payments to the property owners.

In short, we make the owner’s life a lot easier.

We’ve been providing property management services to Tyler for over 40 years. We have an excellent team and reputation and are renowned throughout the Tyler area for our expertise and ability.

We treat your property as if it were our own, and we care about our tenants’ welfare. We couldn’t be better situated to be the liaison between the two parties.

Yes. We offer comprehensive, full-service property management. That includes marketing your property, finding new tenants, and ensuring that the property doesn’t remain vacant for longer than it takes to find a new tenant.

We deposit each month’s rent, minus our fees and the costs of any repairs and maintenance, into your account at the end of each month.

You decide whether or not to make repairs. We encourage our landlords to provide timely repairs for their tenants because that will very much affect the ability to retain tenants.

We’ll inform you of any repairs that cost over $300 before making them. The decision to do so is up to you.

We do. We provide all background and credit checks and manage the tenant’s application process. This will ensure that your property is inhabited by tenants who can pay rent and do so on time, while also protecting the value of your property and the integrity of the neighborhood.

We do. If given your permission, we will attend all court appearances as your agent and otherwise handle the eviction process so you don’t have to.